Meet Jack - The Wi-Fi Wireless Guitar Transmitter Running On 'Secured Network'

Transmit to any Wi-Fi enabled device   09-Feb-15

A Scottish audio company have produced what they describe as the "world's first" wireless Wi-Fi audio transmitter, and it has just reached its Kickstarter target.

Wireless digital audio transmitters are nothing new - the Line 6 G90 and the Joyo JW-01 both turn audio signal into digital signal and transmit from your guitar to your amp (or pedalboard etc).

Like Line 6 and Joyo's offerings, it operates on 2.4GHz, but unlike Joyo or Line 6's offerings, Jack can communicate with any device that can pick up Wi-Fi.

An app is available for android and iOS, once you download that you are good to go.

Or alternatively you can pair two Jacks together - with one plugged into your guitar and one plugged into your amp.

Watch the video above for more info. But Jack will retail at around $280/£180 (that's for a transmitter and a receiver), which puts it in the same bracket as the entry level Line 6 G30.

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