Learn Rock Guitar For Free

Orange to give away Rock Guitar Syllabus on National Learn To Play Day   05-Feb-15

Learn Rock Guitar For Free

On Saturday 21st March 2015, the UK's National Learn To Play Day returns and once again invites the general public to participate at music stores and venues across the country to have a free "taster" lesson on a musical instrument.

To help celebrate this national event, Orange Amplification has teamed up with the Learn to Play Day organisers and will be giving away free, on the 21st March only, their brand new sixteen part beginner Rock Guitar Syllabus worth £14.99.

This what an Orange spokesperson had to say,

"Created by experienced professionals to be fun and easy to follow, the Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus is an exciting new way to learn rock guitar online and across portable devices.

Split into just three courses, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, the Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus offers learners an easy to use platform in which to develop their rock guitar abilities by allowing players to learn direct from the orangeamps.com website - anytime via their phone, desktop or tablet. The course covers everything from basic chords, strumming patterns and scales, gently building players up to more advanced techniques such as two-hand tapping and bar chords.

The fourth National Learn To Play Day promises to be the biggest one ever. It is expected to provide over 10,000 FREE lessons delivered by fully qualified music teachers on a range of instruments all over the UK on the day. There will be more venues taking part, more events being held, more celebrities supporting the day and even more FREE music taster lessons. The National Learn To Play Day is the ideal way to start, or get back into, playing a musical instrument, whatever you would like to play."

Pricing and Availability:
Saturday 21st March 2015 is National Learn To Play Day
Full details of the event and all participating venues can be found at www.learntoplayday.com

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