Blackstar Launches Computer Game

Play Amplifier Fire for the chance to win an amp   02-Feb-15

Blackstar Launches Computer Game

Blackstar, the amplifier and pedal company, has launched its first computer game - Blackstar Presents Amplifier Fire.

Blackstar's Amplifier Fire features Stephen Egerton from the legendary punk band the Descendents and Sin Quirin from metal icon Ministry.  The object is to "shoot" the non-Blackstar amplifiers while collecting the Blackstar ones that fall from the sky.  There are four levels – round 1 (ID:CORE), round 2 (ID: Series), round 3 (HT:Venue) and round 4 (Series One).

At the start of the game, each player can fill out a contest form granting eligibility into a contest once they successfully complete all four levels. Each month a winner will be randomly selected to receive a Blackstar Fly AMP.

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