NAMM 2015: A Look at the MXR Submachine Fuzz and Il Torino Overdrive

We go way down low... but also get a little high   31-Jan-15

    MP4 8:43 mins    

Bryan Kehoe and Bob Cedro from Jim Dunlop take us through the Sub Machine fuzz octave and Il Tornino overdrive.

The Il Torino overdrive is made in conjunction with Italian amp designer Carlo Sorasio, it's designed very much to be an 'amp in a box' style overdrive with a huge amount of versatility.

The MOSFET based pedal has a three band EQ and a button for switching between a boost mode and a heaver overdrive mode.

MXR's other new release, the Sub Machine fuzz octave pedal, is one evil sounding little fuzz box, which Bryan Kehoe very ably demonstrates in the video above.

Filmed and edited by Rob Hicks
Presented by Richard Beech

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