NAMM 2015: 65Amps Lil' Whiskey and New Fuzz Pedals In Action

We get to hear the Colour Face and the Colour Bender   25-Jan-15

    MP4 14:41 mins    

The guys at 65Amps have been working hard this year - their pedal range is taking shape and the Colour Face and Colour Bender are now finished and ready for the public.

Listening to 65Amps head honchos Dan Boul and Peter Stroud chat about the development pedals is incredibly interesting if you're a gear head.

They spent a lot of time sourcing the right germanium transistors, and getting hold of original Fuzz Faces and Tone Benders as a benchmark for what they were trying to achieve.

They've also thought about the way that modern guitars with higher output pickups load the circuit hotter than guitars would have done 'back in the day', and have accommodated the heavier load by having a switch which changes the voicing.

This means if you plug in a guitar with high out humbuckers, you can still get a wild fuzz sound but it doesn't become unmanagable.

Hear it an action in the video above. You can also hear the new Lil' Whiskey amplifier - a smaller version of the 65Amps Whiskey, which was released in 2014.

Filmed and edited by Rob Hicks
Presented by Richard Beech

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