NAMM 2015: Jim Dunlop Mini Cry Baby Wah In Action - The NEW Cutest Wah Ever

We said Mooer had the cutest wah pedal but now we've changed our minds   24-Jan-15

7:10 mins    

Jim Dunlop have released the Cry Baby Mini, a teeny tiny version of their famous Cry Baby wah pedal.

It's the same Cry Baby sound, just with a shrunken circuit using smaller components, the pedal still uses the Fasel inductor.

It has three different voicings - low, vintage and modern (GCB95), so it's actually more flexible than its big brother despite the tiny size.

But perhaps most impressive is the price point of $99, which seems incredibly reasonable.

So if you don't like having to try and wedge a wah into your pedal board, or you don't like running one off to the side of your pedal board, then this could be a good option for you.


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