NAMM 2015: New Line 6 Wireless Systems

Relay G70 and Relay G75 digital wireless systems announced   23-Jan-15

NAMM 2015: New Line 6 Wireless Systems

Line 6 has introduced Relay G70 and Relay G75 digital wireless systems, which they say deliver next generation wireless performance to meet the needs of performing guitarists. They tell us that, in addition to unparalleled audio quality and rugged metal construction, Relay G70 and G75 support multiple instruments and are designed to be the control centre of musicians' live
performance rigs.

Marcus Ryle, Chief Strategy Officer, Line 6, told us, "Line 6 digital wireless is used by more guitarists than any other systemNow Relay G70 and G75 take the Relay legacy even further. In addition to pristine sound quality and road-ready build, Relay G70 and G75 take the hassle out of switching between instruments in the middle of a set-- enabling guitarists to focus on giving a great performance."

Here's more details in Line 6's own words...

Each receiver supports multiple transmitters, and features locking ¼" inputs that allow guitarists to plug right in, no special cables required. Preset scenes enable performers to control signal routing, levels and more, with the single press of a footswitch. For example, guitarists can set different levels for instruments with active, passive and acoustic pickups. Singer-songwriters and worship leaders can route an electric guitar to an amp, and an acoustic to the PA system, while giving both access to the built-in tuner. Multi-instrumentalists can set up unique signal chains to optimize the tone of violins, mandolins and more.

Relay G70 and G75 provide industry-leading audio specs and the lowest latency of any digital wireless system (under 1.5ms). A custom-designed radio with four calibrated internal antennas delivers a lossless 24-bit digital signal and a wide dynamic range of up to 120dB. And unlike other digital wireless systems, Relay G70 and G75 never compress the signal, providing guitarists with the purest possible audio quality. Guitarists will enjoy 8+ hours of battery life, with up to 70 hours of standby time thanks to an intelligent sleep mode.

Relay G70 features a rugged stompbox form factor designed for pedalboard use, while Relay G75 comes in an amp-top form that supports an optional footswitch, sold separately.

Pricing and Availability:
Relay G70 (£369.00 MSRP including VAT), Relay G75 (£369.00 MSRP including VAT) and Relay G70 Transmitter (£149.00 MSRP including VAT) will be available in March 2015.

More information:


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