NAMM 2015: Limited Edition Fenders

10 for '15 is a series of 10 guitars that will be limited to 500 of each worldwide   23-Jan-15

NAMM 2015: Limited Edition Fenders

Fender has announced the release of the 10 for '15 Limited Edition Collection, a series of 10 guitars that will be limited to 500 of each worldwide, only at authorized Fender dealers from March to December. Here's the fender press release with the details:

Fender instruments have a storied history and are renowned for their collectability and their ability to be configured in unique combinations. These 10 very special instruments simultaneously illustrate both points, with our most creative minds and talented builders creating several highly distinctive and compelling new guitars sure to become sought-after collector's items.

American Vintage '70s Hardtail Stratocaster®
The mid '70s saw the widespread popularity of the non-tremolo--or "hardtail"--Stratocaster, so we dedicated the true look and vibe of the Limited Edition American Vintage '70s Hardtail Stratocaster to that era. Hardtail guitars are a great option for tuning stability, but they also have their own distinct sound--with more body mass, a string-through- body bridge, and no harmonic overtones from the tremolo block and springs, they're Stratocaster models that truly have a sonic and stylistic identity all their own. Available in 3-Color Sunburst and Black.

American Standard Blackout Stratocaster

Simple and elegant, this a great American Standard Stratocaster cloaked in an all-black finish complemented by a black pickguard, black control knobs, black pickup covers and--in a rare touch for a Fender instrument--a smooth-playing ebony fingerboard. Its Mystic Black Metallic finish lends an air of noir-ish sophistication, complemented by fleeting hints of sparkle. Its three single-coil Custom Shop Fat '50s pickups deliver warm and crystalline classic Stratocaster tone. Available in Mystic Black Metallic.

American Standard Telecaster® HH

An elegant upgrade to one of our latest additions to the American Standard lineup, the Limited Edition American Standard Telecaster HH features dual Twin Head Vintage humbucking pickups for huge tone and stylish pearl block fingerboard inlays for an extra-elegant look. For the guitarist who wants more horsepower and a dash of additional style, this Limited Edition has both--and then some. Available in Olympic White.

American Standard Stratocaster Oiled Ash
It's well known that the less finish there is encasing a guitar, the better the body can breathe, resonate and reverberate more freely. That's why we gave the Limited Edition American Standard Stratocaster Oiled Ash a '70s-style look with a thin oil finish on the body, allowing maximum tonal transference and organic projection. Its three single-coil Custom Shop Fat '50s pickups deliver warm and crystalline classic Stratocaster tone. Available in Natural.

American Standard Double-Cut Telecaster
A Telecaster with an immediately notable twist. The eye-catching design of the Limited Edition American Standard Double-Cut Telecaster looks classic and comfortable, but with that remarkable double-cutaway ash body, it's distinctive and offbeat at the same time. Pure and rich Telecaster tone comes from a Custom Shop Twisted single-coil neck pickup and a vintage-style Custom Shop single-coil Telecaster pickup. The Butterscotch Blonde finish and black pickguard hearken back to the Telecaster's original early-'50s era. Available in Butterscotch Blonde.

American Vintage '50s Telecaster Reclaimed Redwood

A great guitar with a long history, and that's no small exaggeration--the body of the Limited Edition American Vintage '50s Telecaster Reclaimed Redwood is fashioned from reclaimed old-growth redwood. With antique wood reborn in musical instrument form, our versatile '50s Vintage Hot Rod design is a beauty to behold, with a humbucking neck pickup and single-coil bridge pickup for sound as compelling as the guitar's look. Available in Natural.

American Deluxe Mahogany Stratocaster HSS

Mahogany is one of the most popular guitar woods, but few Fender models are fashioned from it. Here, we've taken our American Deluxe Stratocaster and given it a sleek, slimmed-down two-piece mahogany body for a refined and rare look and sound. In addition to its distinctive wood construction, the Limited Edition American Deluxe Mahogany Stratocaster HSS features a slightly thinner body, N3 Noiseless single-coil neck and middle pickups, and a powerful Shawbucker humbucking bridge pickup. Available in Mahogany Stain.

American Longboard Stratocaster HSS
In a nod to Fender's mid-20th century Southern California roots, the gorgeous Limited Edition American Longboard Stratocaster HSS was inspired by vintage surfboard laminate designs. Further dressed out with rear-mounted pickups and a clear back cover that makes the interior electronics visible, laser-engraved headstock logo and a beautiful Natural hand-rubbed oil finish on the body and neck, this is a most unique Stratocaster model. Available in Natural.

American Vintage '52 Telecaster Korina

Some of the world's most prized vintage guitars are made from a West African hardwood called korina. We've chosen this premium wood to fashion the Limited Edition American Vintage '52 Telecaster Korina as an elegantly crafted take on a timeless Fender classic. In addition to the sophistication of its body wood and Blackguard Blonde finish, pure and rich Telecaster sound comes from its dual American Vintage '52 Telecaster single-coil pickups. Available in Blackguard Blonde.

American Shortboard Mustang®

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Mustang. Introduced in the 1960s as a student model, the Mustang soon found its way to into professional hands and onto concert stages worldwide. The celebratory Limited Edition American Shortboard Mustang features an ash body with laminated walnut "competition" stripes that pay stylishly crafted homage to the originals, with the pure, full sound of dual Black DoveTM single-coil pickups. Available in Natural.

"This collection offers something for everyone,"
said Justin Norvell, vice president of product marketing for Fender. "This includes features and specifications unavailable in the current product line, from simple upgrades such as an ebony fingerboard on an American Standard Stratocaster, to more elaborate creations such as a multi-laminate natural-wood Stratocaster inspired by 1960s surfboards."

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