NAMM 2015: Ibanez Iron Series Fanned Fret 7 and 8 String Guitars

Ibanez shows off prototype at NAMM for fanned fret Iron Core guitars   23-Jan-15

2:26 mins    

So much buzz has been created around one single picture of this guitar on display at NAMM that we had to go and take a look for ourselves.

The Iron Series series is about to have fanned fret additions to the range - a design which allows for a longer scale fretboard on the the lower strings, and a shorter scale on the higher strings.

This is a big deal for players of heavy genres which require a fat but tight low end but who don't want this to compromise the higher strings when soloing.

It's not a new invention, Novax Guitars have been doing it for a while, but Ibanez are certainly the biggest brand to come out and do this.

Right now it's just a prototype, but Ibanez were fairly quick at getting their Kaoss Pad guitar to market last year after the prototype was shown at NAMM.

Filmed by Rob Hicks
Presented by Richard Beech


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