NAMM 2015: Fender '68 Series Vibrolux In Action

Pleasing to the eye - even more pleasing to the ear   23-Jan-15

    MP4 3:56 mins    

The '68 series and '57 series from Fender has seen some of their classic amplifiers recreated and redesigned for the 21st century, and the latest to get the treatment is the Vibrolux.

Two clean channels with two different voicings offer a little slice of 60s action in an amp which is actually more powerful than it looks.

The 35 watt 2x10 amplifier boasts gorgeous reverb and vintage tremolo. In terms of just plugging in and playing, you could probably lose hours of your life just playing some mellow chords and using your whammy bar for extra expression.

But the amp actually gets dirty at *fairly* low volume, and it's a really cool filthy blues distortion - when you play hard it sounds like it hits a brick wall of compression and gives you that motorcycle growl... yeah, we kinda like this amp.

Hear it for yourself in the video above.

Filmed by Rob Hicks
Presented by Richard Beech

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