NAMM 2015: Blackstar BEAM Bluetooth Amplifier

Bass, electric, acoustic and music playback in one little package   23-Jan-15

    MP4 6:53 mins    

Blackstar have entered the world of bluetooth guitar amplifiers with the BEAM - an amplifier for bass, electric, acoustic and music playback.

The little amp is part of their ID Core range, and features the same impressive stereo field as the ID Core Stereo range.

It's much (much) smaller than the Line 6 Amplifi - in fact it's closer in size and style to the Yamaha THR amplifiers.

For well under $300 it's firmly aimed at the crossover in home audio market and practice amp market, which is the same space occupied by the THR and the Amplifi (even though the sheer size of the Amplifi led many to think it was designed to be a gigging amp).

Hear it in action in the video above, in which J Hayes from Blackstar plays acoustic, bass and electric through the Beam.

Filmed and edited by Andy McCreeth
Presented by Richard Beech

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