NAMM 2015: Catalinbread Talisman Plate Reverb Pedal Gives EMT 140 Sounds

Make shimmering clean verbs or bulk up your gain tones   23-Jan-15

    MP4 7:23 mins    

The Talisman is Catalinbread's nod to the coveted EMT 140 plate reverb unit - a reverb unit which can be found in the many of the world's top studios.

The original German engineered reverb unit can be heard on numerous recordings throughout rock and roll history, and the sound of the EMT has had a renaissance after companies like Universal Audio recreated the sound of it in VST plug-in form.

Well now that signature sound is available in a pedal for guitarists, and as you can hear in Howard's demo, it can achieve those shimmering mellow clean verbs, as well as just bulking up your gain tone with a short time tail.

Howard Gee also shows off the time knob to great effect by pushing it all the way to ten and demonstrating how you can get endless reverb tails and then jam over them with a dry signal by bypassing the pedal.

That was the point that our presenter's jaw dropped and he fell in love... (with the pedal... AND with Howard).

Filmed and edited by Rob Hicks
Presented by Richard Beech

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