NAMM 2015: A New Brass Nut From Gibson That Will Make Life SO MUCH Easier

We take a look at the entire 2015 Gibson range with adjustable brass nut   22-Jan-15

    MP4 21:12 mins    

Day one proper of NAMM 2015 - we went by the Gibson booth to see their new range for 2015.

Other than being surrounded by four walls of Les Pauls, SGs, Explorers, Firebirds and Flying Vs, we also had an in-focus look at the new features which are common to all the company's 2015 models.

The thing that really struck us was the raising brass nut, which acts as a 0th fret which you can raise or lower.

It's easy to adjust, and means you can get your action right down low without having to do too much truss rod or bridge adjustment.

When you want to play some slide guitar, raise the nut up higher and you've got enough clearance for slide playability.

Check out this, and ALL of Gibson USA's new Les Pauls and SGs for 2015 in the video above.

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