NAMM 2015: Fender Hot Rod Deville Michael Landau Signature Has TWO Clean Channels

Tone guru gets his own signature Deville   22-Jan-15

    MP4 6:45 mins    

Sit up and take notice tone chasers because Michael Landau has his own Fender Hot Rod Deville signature, and it's an interesting piece of kit.

The gain channel is gone, and instead it has two clean channels. "But why does an amp need two clean channels," we hear you ask.

Well for players who tend to use pedals for their drive tones, having two separate clean channels allows you to have two different clean tones (obviously), but then when you kick in a distortion pedal you can also get two different distortion sounds by switching between the two channels.

When you push the second clean channel at high volume the Michael Landau still gives you a great bit of dirt, but if you just run the two channels as completely clean channels and bring a couple of clean boost pedals into play, you could get such a variety of sounds with the Hot Rod.

Hear Fender's Rick Heins demonstrate it in the video above (no seriously, check it out; Rick is a great player).

Filmed by Rob Hicks
Presented by Richard Beech

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