NAMM 2015: Rock and Roll High - a Must-Watch For Parents With Budding Rockstar Kids

A new way of learning guitar for the rockstars of tomorrow   21-Jan-15

    MP4 4:57 mins    

Regardless of when you started your guitar journey, you'll recall that picking up an instrument isn't easy - no matter what age you are.

Children tend to pick up new things quicker than adults, but face the problem of small hands and an ever-developing level of dexterity.

So Rock and Roll High founder Aaron Burch created a much smaller, much lighter electric guitar for kids to learn on. It even has what he describes as a "kid-proof" jack input.

But that's not the only thing Rock and Roll High is all about. Based in LA he has created an open source guitar course for children, which is based on teaching kids the ins and outs of composition rather than learning to mimic what they are hearing on the radio.

As you can see in the video, the approach breeds an incredible amount of passion into the students, and is well worth checking out if you have children of your own who are starting their guitar journey.

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Video filmed by Rob Hicks
Video presented by Richard Beech



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