NAMM 2015: GTC Revpad Guitar Effect Needs To Be Seen To Be Understood

A pad surface which allows you to control EIGHT effects with one finger   21-Jan-15

    MP4 9:46 mins    

Where do you start with the GTC Revpad? That's a good question... Errr.

It's kind of like a Kaoss Pad (other pads are available!) but it sticks to your guitar via an adhesive velcro sticker. It wirelessly connects to a multi-fx pedal, but can also connect to MIDI, so you can use the pad to control VST effects.

You can assign the pad, which has two axis, to up to eight effects, meaning that with one tap of a finger you can increase your distortion mix AND open up a wah filter at the same time.

Then you can reel this off and go back to a clean sound and use the other axis to add chorus to your signal while also doing a filter sweep.

It's a pretty impressive piece of kit, with seemingly endless compositional capabilities... a cure for the uninspired perhaps.

For the multi-fx unit and the Revpad you will have to dish out around $1200 retail price (read into this: probaby likely to be cheaper, because let's face it all products are sold cheaper than their retail price).

This is no small undertaking, so you'll have to be pretty sure you will be able to create some amazing sounds and compositions with it.

The really interesting selling point is the electronic and dance music market, especially given the MIDI capability. Watch this space, we guess... and watch the video.



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