NAMM 2015: A New Way To learn Rock Guitar

Orange Amplification launch the Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus   21-Jan-15

NAMM 2015: A New Way To learn Rock Guitar

Orange Amplification says that, created by experienced professionals to be fun and easy to follow, the Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus is an exciting new way to learn rock guitar online and across portable devices. Here's more details in their own words...

Split into just three courses, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, the Orange Rock Guitar syllabus offers learners an easy to use platform in which to develop their rock guitar abilities by allowing players to learn direct from the website - anytime via their phone, desktop or tablet. The course covers everything from basic chords, strumming patterns and scales, gently building players up to more advanced techniques such as two-hand tapping and bar chords.

Starting with the sixteen-part beginner course, the syllabus will slowly help you build up your confidence and knowledge through a series of high definition video tutorials and tracks to play along to. Each lesson includes handy material for you to read, teacher videos with hints and tips, and all the relevant music theory explained in an easy to understand way with a choice of tablature and notation materials. The videos also feature Orange Ambassadors such as Fall Out Boy's guitarist Joe Trohman, with more ambassadors lining up to record new videos in the near future.

The Orange Rock Guitar syllabus is available as an online course or in paperback format. Either way, guitarists can use the online tuition videos to guide them through every step of the learning process, which can be watched over and over again in their own time to help them gain confidence and master the instrument. Once a course is complete, players are rewarded with an official certificate. Students will also get free access to our teachers to ask any questions to help them progress.

Orange Amplification will be exhibiting on Booth 4890 Hall C at Winter NAMM 2015.

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