Now You Can Record With AMPLIFi

Line 6 firmware update adds USB recording functionality   16-Dec-14

Now You Can Record With AMPLIFi

Line 6 has announced the availability of AMPLIFi v2.1 firmware, a free update that introduces direct USB recording to the entire AMPLIFi product family.

AMPLIFi 150, 75 and FX100 owners can now record with the same exact amp and effect tones they've downloaded from the cloud or created themselves. The v2.1 firmware update turns each AMPLIFi device into a class-compliant USB interface for Mac, PC and iOS (Camera Connection Kit required), making it, say Line 6, ideal for use with GarageBand, Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live, Cakewalk and other pro recording platforms.

Marcus Ryle, Chief Strategy Officer at Line 6, told us, "This update delivers on key customer requests and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the Line 6 AMPLIFi community. AMPLIFi already provides guitarists with the easiest way to find their sound and make it their own, and now they're able to quickly record that tone into any DAW."

This is how Line 6 describes the AMPLIFi line:

The AMPLIFi line of amplifiers, floorboard multi-effects and table-top modeling units is a technological leap forward that fundamentally improves the way guitarists practice, jam and enjoy their music. By combining legendary Line 6 guitar amp and effect tones, Bluetooth streaming and a breakthrough iOS/Android app, AMPLIFi redefines what a guitar system can do. AMPLIFi lives where guitarists live, works the way they work, and plays the way they play. It's the ultimate piece of lifestyle gear for modern, digitally connected guitarists who want to plug guitar into more of their lives.

Pricing and Availability:

AMPLIFi v2.1 firmware update is available now for AMPLIFi 150, 75 and FX100, and can be downloaded via the AMPLIFi Remote iOS and Android apps, as well as the AMPLIFi Utility for PC. The ASIO driver for PC is available at

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