Orange Guitar Pack Starter Kit

Is this the best beginners guitar?   12-Dec-14

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The Orange Guitar Pack comes in a box with everything you need to get started playing the guitar as an entry level guitarist.

The guitar is a single cut-away Les Paul Junior style affair available in black, white and Orange (of course!). Twin humbuckers, three way selector switch give you the bases for a good selection of tones. Its actually not a bad instrument, though as with many low cost (and not so low cost) guitars, it could do with a proper setup, the action and frets are a little high meaning varying finger pressure can affect the tuning.

The Orange Crush PiX CR12L combo, is a simple, entry level,  practice amp with  tones from clean, through crunchy, to overdriven. It can be a little fizzy at extremes, but its not a bad practice unit at all. with a simple three band EQ, single channel gain, master, overdirve setup its a good compliment to the guitar. We would like to have seen reverb on it but I guess you have to draw the line somewhere. There's a headphone out for when you, or your parents have had enoug of the shredding..

Additional Accessories:

  • Tuner - clip on headstock type
  • Soft carry case
  • Lead
  • Plectrums
  • Truss Rod key
  • Strap
  • Access to 12 lessons from the Orange Music Education Rock Guitar Course
All in all its a well pitched, reasonable quality starter pack, with enough to start on the journey of learning to play.

In the UK its available at around £200


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