Best Chorus Pedal Results: The Top Five - According To You

Oi oi, roll up roll up, it's time to announce the best cchhoorruuss pedals   27-Nov-14

4. Boss CH-1

The late 80s wasn't exactly the most tasteful time in music, or clothes, or music production, or... well, anything. But the Boss CH-1 was born in 1989 and has done okay for itself.

It was the first of a new wave of high fidelity chorus pedals for people who want to add some glistening texture to their tone.

If you can get your hands on one of the older ones then some of the BOSS purists out there would bit your hand off for it.

Even though the newer version is a tiny bit vanilla, it's at that classic BOSS centre point of being reliable, versatile and sounding clean as a whistle.

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