Best Chorus Pedal Results: The Top Five - According To You

Oi oi, roll up roll up, it's time to announce the best cchhoorruuss pedals   27-Nov-14

Best Chorus Pedal Results: The Top Five - According To You

When we asked our readers - the most knowledgeable gearheads in the world - to tell us their favourite chorus pedals, we got an ensemble of responses.

And actually, there's not much separating the top five when it comes to the number of votes they each received, but there are some clear favourites out there.

So without further ado, here's the best chorus pedals, as voted for by you.

5. MXR Analog Chorus

A rich, modern classic of a chorus with plenty to offer - the MXR Analog Chorus comes in at the relatively low price point of $85.

If you want something that can do leslie speaker style insanity and chilled out jazz vibe with the twist of a couple of knobs, then this is a good option.

It's probably better at replicating classic chorus sounds rather than offering its own character, but it's a great pedal all the same.

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