Gibson Introduces The 1959 ES-225

A new version of the P90-equipped thinline   14-Nov-14

Gibson Introduces The 1959 ES-225

The ES-225 was first introduced in 1956 as the lower-cost sibling of the "thinline" Byrdland and ES-350T guitars of the year before--fully hollow archtops with built-in pickups and electronics, designed for a new generation of players. Aimed initially at jazz players seeking to lighten the load and combat feedback, the ES-225 quickly became a favorite of bluesers and rock'n'rollers for its comfortable feel, superb playability, and raw, biting P-90 tone.

Gibson Memphis tells us that their new 1959 ES-225 captures the essential features and full vintage vibe of the best year of this great thinline Electric Spanish guitar, re-creating the full look, feel, and sonic versatility of an underappreciated classic, in a stunning Vintage Burst finish with nickel hardware.

A spokesperson had this to say, "The 1959 ES-225 from Gibson Memphis is made with the same shape and laminated-maple construction of the iconic ES-175, but with a thinline body that makes it a real pleasure to play. It is crafted with vintage-spec ingredients, including hand-carved spruce braces, and mahogany headblock and tailblock. The quarter-sawn mahogany neck is secured with hot hide glue, just like in the classic era of great Gibson archtops, with a comfortably rounded '59 profile and a one-piece hand-selected dark rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays and tan vintage binding. A pair of period-correct Memphis Historic Spec P-90 pickups induce all the warmth, growl and sizzle that players have come to love from these legendary fat single-coil pickups. Vintage-certified tone is further ensured by a traditional wrapover 'bail' bridge and tailpiece and a genuine nylon nut, with plastic-button Kluson™ tuners to complete the look. Your 1959 ES-225 comes protected in a brown Gibson hardshell case with plush charcoal lining, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity along with other literature and coverage."

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