Apogee And D'Addario Guitar Accessories Bundle

Apogee JAM guitar interface plus strings and cable   01-Oct-14

Apogee And D'Addario Guitar Accessories Bundle

Apogee Electronics, an industry leader in digital audio recording technology since 1985, and D'Addario, the world's largest manufacturer of musical instrument strings and accessories, have partnered to offer what they say is the most advanced guitar accessory bundle at an extremely affordable price for guitarists and bass players everywhere.

For only $99.90, the bundle includes the Apogee JAM guitar interface for iPad, iPhone and Mac, D'Addario's next-generation NYXL electric guitar strings, and the rugged 10 ft. American Stage guitar cable. (The products have a combined value of $122.60 when sold separately.) For bass players, the bundle is also available with D'Addario's XL bass guitar strings at the same price of $99.90, bringing overall savings up to $28.91.

"For years, Apogee has devoted its technical expertise to developing products such as the Apogee JAM that are essential for the modern guitar or bass player," says Apogee CEO Betty Bennett. "D'Addario and their products have been industry standards for so many of these musicians, so it was only natural for us to team up with them to offer these two bundles."

"Apogee and D'Addario - two companies who possess a unique history of innovation and a commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing in the USA - are proud to join together to provide musicians with inspiring solutions to develop and perfect their skills," D'Addario CEO, Jim D'Addario, adds, "At D'Addario we're passionately devoted to pushing the performance of our products to inspire musicians along their journey.  By teaming up with Apogee, we've aligned ourselves with a company equally as passionate about their craft, that enables us to offer a solution fully intended to propel a guitar or bass player's ability to get right to the act of making music."

Apogee + D'Addario Bundle Highlights

  • Apogee JAM guitar interface - Connect electric guitar or bass to iPad, iPhone, and Mac for studio quality you can take anywhere.
  • D'Addario NYXL Electric Guitar Strings - Featuring D'Addario's exclusive high carbon steel alloy, the NYXL strings will bend further, sing louder, and stay in tune better than any guitar string ever made
  • D'Addario EXL Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings - World-renowned as "The Player's Choice" amongst bass players of all genres and styles
  • Planet Waves American Stage Guitar and Instrument Cable - 10 ft. cable features exclusive "Geo-Tip" patented tip design for improved fit in all jacks.


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