Metal Fans Are 'Creative' And 'Gentle' According To Researchers

In fact, their just like classical music fans   30-Sep-14

Metal Fans Are 'Creative' And 'Gentle' According To Researchers
S&M: Metal and classical go hand in hand

Hey metalheads. Tired of being stereotyped as lazy, no-good headbangers? Well you're in luck.

Research from the UK suggests that metalheads share a lot in common with classical music fans, not that this is immediately clear on the surface.

One set of fans likes epic, intricate, timeless music, and the other set of fans likes epic, intricate, timeless... oh wait.

Those metal fans among us will be fully aware that orchestras and metal go together like pancakes and bacon, but what you might not know is that underneath the bonnet, the two sets of fans have a very similar psychological profile.

MusicMic has unearthed some 2008 research which suggests that metal fans are 'quite delicate things', and that they share qualities with classical music fans, such as being 'creative', 'gentle' and 'at ease'.

"We think the answer is that both types of music, classical and heavy metal, have something of the spiritual about them - they're very dramatic - a lot happens," researcher Adrian North, of Heriot-Watt University, told the BBC.

Well there you have it, there's a reason this works so well...

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