Poll: What's The Best Guitar Chorus Pedal?

Have your say - whether it's for grunge, jazz or 80s metal   24-Sep-14

Poll: What's The Best Guitar Chorus Pedal?

A classic modulation effect, Chorus has been utilized in numerous musical movements to create a signature sound.

From its use alongside reverb effects to create the mellow tones of the electric jazz movement, to the high gain sounds of Eddie Van Halen, chorus has been one of the key components of many a guitarist's effects chain for decades.

But what's YOUR favourite chorus pedal, taking into account value for money, tone, and versatility?

We've drawn up a shortlist of some of our favourites at SonicState, but there's also an option to fill in an 'other' field, if your favourite isn't on the list.

Some of the effects on the list are dual effects, but we've taken the decision not to add in multi-effects.


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