Every Single Pedal Review Ever - We Plead Guilty

How many of these pedal review clichés are familiar to you?   19-Sep-14

Every Single Pedal Review Ever - We Plead Guilty

So you're watching a pedal review, and it all feels kind of familiar.

You hear the words "true bypass", you hear the words "rugged housing", and if you're lucky you might even be told the pedal can work as a "clean boost".

One guitarist has spotted so many common themes among online pedal reviews that they have created a "Pedal Review Bingo" game which you can play using the bingo card above.

It's all a little bit close to home for me... I'm contractually obliged by the evil Sonic State bosses to say "it can go from bluesy to metal" in every single review I do.

And my annual bonus is based on how many times I say "rugged housing" in one year.

Although my most recent pedal review, of the Korg Pandora, doesn't have too many of these clichés because the pedal is bats**t INSANE...

Article by Richard Beech


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