Vox Amp Gets New Two Tone Finish

Limited Edition Two Tone Custom ACTV announced   04-Sep-14

Vox Amp Gets New Two Tone Finish

VOX tells us that their limited edition Two Tone Custom ACTV is the ultimate amp for the tonal purist. Covered in a retro chic two-tone color scheme, this edition recreates one of VOX's most coveted and short-lived designs for the AC Series. VOX says that, originally introduced in the 1960's, VOX's two tone colored amps dominated the music world due to their groundbreaking usage of some of the industry's most talented musicians.

VOX says that every detail of this amp has been meticulously designed, starting with the gray and blue coloring, the thick gold piping laid in the joints of the two-tone covering, and of course the highly retro TV-front design of the cabinet. The classic reissued lineup consists of three models: 4W, 15W and 30W, all designed to fit the persona of any devoted guitar player.

Pricing and Availability:
The VOX custom ACTV limited Two-Tone amplifiers are available in both blue/cream and maroon/cream two-tone vinyl covering for a limited time at select retailers.

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