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TC Electronic announces 3 reverb TonePrints   27-Aug-14

TC Electronic has announced three new TonePrints created by Robben Ford for their reverb pedals. Here's what they have to say...

Robben Ford is without any doubt amongst the most versatile and gifted guitarists around. His mastery of everything from Blues to Jazz and all the way to straight up Classic Rock riffin' has seen him team up with the likes of Miles Davis, George Harrison and KISS throughout the years. As a solo artist he has released some of the most electrifying and soulful guitar records to date, all displaying extremely tasteful playing and amazing tone!

So it's no wonder that we're insanely proud to present no less than 3 reverb TonePrints dialed in with an unparalleled attention to tone detail by Robben Ford himself.

On top of this we're also giving away a Hall of Fame Reverb signed by Robben himself to one of our lucky newsletter subscribers. So hit the blue button below, and sign up for this highly unique prize!

Air is just that kind of reverb that you leave on all the time. It's tuned to act like a natural extension of your tone, by just adding that extra touch of breathiness that makes you want to play for hours on end.

Spring Fever is Robben's take on the spring reverbs he grew up on, harking back to the reverb sound he would find in old Fender amps. Just perfect for the blues!

The Clouds TonePrint is for those extra spacious chord progressions, where you just let a note ring out and dissapear in a lush sea of reverberation. But be careful that you don't lose yourself to this TonePrint, because once you kick this effect in, time and space is completely taken out of the equation.

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