Win An Epiphone Doubleneck

Limited-Edition G-1275 Doubleneck 6-String and 12-String in August giveaway   07-Aug-14

Win An Epiphone Doubleneck

This August, Epiphone continues its monthly giveaways by offering guitar players and Epiphone fans around the world the chance to win the new Limited-Edition G-1275 Doubleneck 6-string and 12-string with a custom hard carrying case.

Earlier this year Epiphone celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the British Invasion with one of rock's most iconic designs ever – the Ltd. Ed. G-1275 6-string and 12-string Doubleneck. They say that both the original and Epiphone's "Doubleneck" models have been used by legendary rock stars such as Pete Townshend of the Who, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, the Flaming Lips, John McLaughlin, Elvis Presley and more.

"The G-1275 Doubleneck has everything--sound, looks, and an incredible history," said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg. "The only guitar more iconic to rock and roll than the Les Paul would have to be the G-1275 Doubleneck and before Epiphone, this was an instrument that few people would ever see, let alone play! We are excited to bring the G-1275 Doubleneck to guitarists around the world at a price players of all levels can afford."

Double Trouble

The G-1275 is based on the vintage original "1235" Doubleneck that was first produced at the legendary Gibson/Epiphone Kalamazoo, Michigan factory in 1963 in very limited quantities. The new Ltd. Ed. G-1275 is made to the exact same specifications as the originals with a select Mahogany body with a Cherry finish. Both the 12-string and 6-string necks are made from Mahogany and share a 1960s SlimTaperTM shape, a 12" radius and a 25.75" scale. Machine heads are period-correct "Deluxe" Tulip Button tuners with a pro 18:1 ratio.

High Flying Sound
The Ltd. Ed. G-1275 isn't just eye catching; it's also one of the most powerful guitars on the planet. Both the 12-string and 6-string feature Alnico Classic™ and Alnico Classic Plus™ humbuckers, and are controlled by full function Black Speed Knobs for volume and tone that are powered by full-size 500K potentiometers.  The G-1275 also features two solid Mahogany necks with a SlimTaperTM profile, just like the originals with smooth, lightning fast Rosewood fingerboards.

Pricing and Availability:
The Ltd. Ed. G-1275 Doubleneck 6-string and 12-string Giveaway from Epiphone is open to residents 18 years and over from the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, and select countries in the EU.

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