Pigtronix Delay Stompbox Updated

Echolution 2 gets a Firmware and App update   21-Jul-14

Pigtronix Delay Stompbox Updated

Pigtronix says that the world's most sophisticated delay pedal has just become even more powerful. They tell us that the Pigtronix Echolution 2, launched at the 2014 Winter NAMM show in January, instantly became a top-seller, earning rave reviews and awards worldwide, but now, with the just-released 2.0 Firmware and App update, the pedal has just become capable of even more magic. Here's the story in their own words...

This new application and firmware allows expression pedal and envelope control of all knobs, simultaneously, with user-definable heel and toe settings as well as independent envelope inversion, strength and decay time parameters for every preset.

The five main parameters (Repeats, Delay Time, Delay Mix, Modulation Speed, and Modulation Depth) now support independent mapping from the expression pedal and envelope detection circuitry. The expression and envelope mapping can apply to multiple parameters, with each parameter having independent settings for Expression range/direction and Envelope strength/direction/release time. When a parameter has any of these advanced mapping features enabled the LED for that parameter dimly illuminates to indicate the expression or envelope control.  The previous Single Expression/Envelope Mapping now serves as an Advanced Mapping Override allowing E2D users to quickly override or experiment without the use of a computer. 

This functionality is easily accessed in the newly updated Echolution 2 application using the advanced options controls. When a parameter is assigned expression pedal control, pointers for the heel and toe become visible around that parameter's associated control knob; moving these pointers sets the range of control. Controls in the advanced options menu set the direction of the expression pedal mapping. 

Envelope control is also accessed through the advanced options controls. Here envelope control of the individual parameters can be enabled, along with the strength of the mapping, the direction, and the release time of each. 

This unprecedented level of control and tweak-ability is pushed to its limit with the application's inclusion of Preset Blending. Users can select two similar presets and have the application automatically set the expression pedal ranges and directions so that the expression pedal blends between the parameter settings.

To round out this paradigm shifting addition, we've added separate global settings for the Sensitivity and Release Time of Ducking, a host of improvements to Preset Management and Switching as well as access to Global Parameters (such as MIDI Channel).

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These updates are available as a free download.

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