Rotosound Announces String Change Clinics

Jim Houghton shows UK bassists how to change their strings   17-Jul-14

Rotosound Announces String Change Clinics

Rotosound has announced a series of free of charge String Change Clinics where bass player and Rotosound demonstrator Jim Houghton will be available to restring customer guitars and basses throughout the day. Here's the details in their own words...

In demand bassist Jim Houghton is ideally suited to the task. His capabilities and skills stretch far beyond four strings as he also plays the Chapman Stick, a member of the guitar family that usually has ten or twelve individually tuned strings. He needs to be a master of string change; the number of gigs he plays a year is legendary since he currently works with three different acts including the Spanish band, White Coast Rebels and tribute band Dep Leppard.

Bass and guitar players can attend the 'String Change' clinics at Absolute Music, Poole on the 2nd August 2014, and at Miller Music, Cambridge on the 30th August 2014. During the clinic Jim will talk to customers about Rotosound, demonstrate the different types of strings the company manufactures and show a video of how they are made. He will also be on hand to answer any questions.

While at the clinic, visitors to the shops will be able to check out the full range of seven new guitar effect pedals recently launched by Rotosound. These sturdy hand built pedals are based on 1960's analogue circuitry giving a very distinctive sound and are made at their factory in Sevenoaks, Kent. Also available on the day will be a range of Rotosound posters, T-Shirts and other collectable merchandise.

Pricing and Availability:
These clinics are free to attend and as capacity within the stores is limited, customers wishing to participate are advised to get there early. Plus look out for special offers in-store on the day.

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