Free Sepultura Loops

TC offers loops and a chance to win a signed Ditto X2 Looper   11-Jul-14

TC Electronic are offering some free loops made by Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr of Sepultura. Here's what they have to say...

Sepultura stands as one of the most important bands in the history of modern metal. They completely blew the minds of metal-heads around the globe with their groundbreaking take on thrash and death metal infused with sonic elements from the native Brazilian people. And we have to admit that if it wasn't for Sepultura, a lot of us at TC probably wouldn't have picked up a guitar in the first place. That's why we're insanely proud to present to you no less than 3 brilliant loops made by non-other than Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr!

On top of that you can also win a Ditto X2 Looper signed by Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr. Go here, and learn how this unique prize can be yours.

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