High Quality 13-Pin Cable

Gittler Instruments introduces the D13   10-Jul-14

High Quality 13-Pin Cable

For anyone who uses hexaphonic pickups, Gittler Instruments tells us that they have designed and built a new superior Din 13 cable, the D13, in response to the lack of a high quality version on today's retail market. Their cables are available in 12 ft. and 18 ft. lengths.


  • High Purity OFHC Copper 99.95%
  • External Cable: 2.256" Dia.
  • Internal wire: 26 AWG, 13 different colored jackets
  • Aluminum Shielding braid
  • One end right angle, locking, assembly type
  • One end straight, locking, assembly type
  • Grounded to barrel
  • All Pins Gold plated


Pricing and Availability:

$64.95 / $79.95

More information:


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