Major Update For BIAS

Positive Grid releases BIAS 1.5 with 3 new Expansion Packs   09-Jul-14

Positive Grid has expanded the BIAS custom amp modeler with three new dedicated expansion packs: Glassy, Crunch and Insane. They say that guitarists and bassists will now be able to add further customization to their BIAS preamp, power amp and cabinet modules by tone styles: from glassy clean tone, to classic british crunch, to insanely saturated distortion.

A spokesperson had this to say, "BIAS includes 36 of the most sought-after vintage and modern amps in rock 'n' roll history as a starting point for user customization. Now, along with the new Glassy, Crunch and Insane packs, BIAS also includes a new easy-to-use 8-band EQ with the purchase of any pack, as well as a new BIAS store and better JamUp integration – another Positive Grid app consisting of several multi effect stomp boxes. As always, users can share it with other musicians on Positive Grid's proprietary social network, ToneCloud."

Pricing and Availability:

BIAS retails for $19.99; new Glassy, Crunch and Insane Packs retail for $9.99 each. All are immediately available for download at the iTunes App Store. The app requires an iPad 2 or newer to operate.

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