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Official Statement by Thomas Blug regarding availability and pricing   27-Jun-14

Thomas Blug has issued a statement regarding the availability and pricing of AMP1:

"Hi everyone, 
I just want to let you know that a delay from the hardware manufacturer's side has arisen in theAMP1 production schedule. However, I have been able to use this extra time to further develop some of AMP1's features. As a result now all of AMP1's Gain settings are completely programmable and will join the switching functions like the Master Volume and Power Soak in being fully programmable through REMOTE1 and MIDI1. As well as this, you will now be free to allocate your favorite sounds to AMP1's three integrated foot switches.

What's more, I have been able to use my touring schedule this year to test out AMP1 in front of live audiences on various large and small stages. After every gig, I've been able to fine-tune certain sonic or tonal nuances. In spite of years of experience, some things can only be heard and felt through live use! 

For me, everything's now perfect, and the development process is complete: AMP1 is now in production. That means, however, that AMP1 won't be available in June as planned, but in the autumn instead. Quality is of the utmost importance for me, so I didn't want to push the process with unnecessary haste and risk anything of key importance being overlooked at the last minute.

Ultimately, I am certain the extra wait will be worth it for you, because AMP1 has benefitted from another leap in quality, and is going to be better than ever! We will keep you informed of the exact delivery date.

One last thing: these happenings have resulted in us having to alter the price of AMP1, and we have had to make a new list price of €699. However, we are holding good to our promise, and are offering all customers who order AMP1 through our website until July 31st 2014. The special Musikmesse price of €649.

In the meantime we have also created videos that showcase the tonal capabilities of AMP1 with a variation of guitar models."


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