Scorned Wife Puts Ex-Husband's Ibanez On eBay In Hilarious Listing

Let's all heed the lessons of this genius eBay post   24-Jun-14

eBay listing

There's a lesson here for all men - if you're going to file for divorce, then don't leave your prized guitar in your wife's house.

One man's Ibanez Gio is about to be sold to the highest bidder, but it's the item description that's the star of the show here.

It starts:

"I am selling my soon to be ex husband's Ibanez guitar. It is used, much like how I feel after our 8 year relationship, and the strings will probably need replacing, much like the ones on my heart.

"I am selling as he left me one day, leaving me a letter saying he needed 'space' and most of his stuff. He has since then decided he is not coming back but he doesnt know why? "

Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned, eh?

eBay listing

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