Revealed: The 5 Best Analog Delay Pedals On The Market

Here's what our readers have voted as the best analog delays   15-Jun-14

1) And the winner is... Boss DM-2

The Boss DM-2 was only available for three years, from 1981-1984, but it became an instant classic for it's mellow echo sound.

It's warm, if we're applying climatic adjectives to effects pedals then it's the perfect temperature, it's the last dying rays of sunshine as you sit out on your sun lounger after a hard day at work, with a cold beer in one hand, and a smooth parejo in the other.

The delay time on the DM-2 is short in comparison to other delays on this list, at just 300ms, and it is also light on control options in comparison to other delays on this list, but that hasn't stopped you from voting it as the best analog delay pedal.

But it just sounds so beautiful, particularly when just running it as a very quick slap to beef up your clean sound.

In fact, that's a good way of testing the sonic qualities of this pedal in a very instant way, clicking the bypass switch on and off as you play through slow chords.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you voted the Boss DM-2 as your favourite analog delay pedal, 

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