Revealed: The 5 Best Analog Delay Pedals On The Market

Here's what our readers have voted as the best analog delays   15-Jun-14

4) MXR Carbon Copy

An incredibly popular analog delay unit on pedal boards due to its small size and sumptuous tone. Courtesy of its Bucket-brigade circuit, repeats fade in almost a unique way for every single note you play, depending on the velocity at which you play the note and the signal loss between each capacitor.

The MXR Carbon Copy is quite a new entry to the world of analog delay, but it's quickly become a respected and well-loved pedal in the gear community.

Featuring up to 600ms of delay time, modulation, and the ability to further tweak the pedal with two internal trim pots, allowing you to adjust width and rate controls on the modulation in pursuit of your ideal analog delay sound.

You can find it for around £120/$140 in the right guitar store, which is great value.

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