Revealed: The 5 Best Analog Delay Pedals On The Market

Here's what our readers have voted as the best analog delays   15-Jun-14

Revealed: The best delay pedals

The best analog delay pedal has to be something that offers warmth and the ability to create swampy delay-laden soundscapes without sounding muddy or getting lost in the mix.

So, based on this criteria, we asked our readers to vote for the best analog delay pedals on the market, and you duly obliged.

Early favourites in the voting process included the MoogerFooger MF104-M, the EHX Deluxe Memory Man, the Ibanez AD9, the MXR Carbon Copy, and the classic Boss DM-2, but which one did you crown as being the best?

Here we reveal the top five analog delay pedals of all time, as voted for by you - a motley bunch of pedal geeks.

So without further ado, here's number 5:

5) EHX Memory Boy

They call it a boy, but while it might be small in size, its capabilites are huge.

It's no surprise that it's made it onto the list of the best five analog pedals, because it is a pedal board stalwart, providing a sumptious characterful delay with the added option of chorus and tremolo modulation.

Not only that, but you can control the delay time or modulation rate with an expression pedal, AND you can choose between triangle or square modulation waveforms.

The best part, you can buy them new for less than $100/£75, which is impeccable value.

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