Revealed: New Knaggs Steve Stevens SS2 Signature Model - And It Is Beautiful

The Knaggs SS2 is cream, with a classy tortoise shell binding   11-Jun-14

Steve Stevens playing his new Knaggs signature SS2

Photo Victoria Persephone

If you're a fan of Knaggs Guitars, and if you're a fan of Steve Stevens, then it's highly likely that you'll be a fan of the new Knaggs SS2 Steve Stevens signature model, which is tipped for release at NAMM 2015 (next January).

Details are light at the moment, but Knaggs posted a picture of the new guitar on the Sonic State Amped Facebook page.

The picture shows Steve Stevens playing a prototype of the new guitar during a gig in Padova, Italy, last night while on tour with Billy Idol.

In contrast to his original Knaggs signature, which is black with a pink binding, the new model is cream, with tortoise shell binding and a tortoise shell pickguard.

If, under the surface, the spec on the model is anything like the old one, then it could feature a mahogany body, with a maple top, and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard (which the photo seems to show). Final specs to be determined ...

The photo shows that the guitar features Steve's signature Bareknuckle pickups in gold and a regular tune-o-matic type bridge and string holder made by Tone Pros

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