Brad Paisley Uses A Fan's GoPro Camera To Play A Slide Guitar Solo

Incredible video shows Paisley doing a slide solo with a camera   07-Jun-14

Just when our love for Brad Paisley's guitar playing couldn't get much stronger, he steals a GoPro camera from a member of the audience and uses it to play a slide guitar solo.

Brad Paisley has already been in the news this week for taking a selfie while members of the Westboro Baptist Church stood behind him protesting against one of his shows.

But the 41-year-old decided photographic virality wasn't enough for him and took a stride into the medium of video.

Fan Mike Perlof, who uploaded the video to YouTube, said it was a 'perfect storm':

"I happened to not have my case on my GoPro which would have made it nearly impossible to play slide guitar with the camera at that angle that Brad got.

"Not to mention passing the camera without skipping a single note and throwing it back to me perfectly.

"Its magical moments like these that make live music what it is."

What a magical moment, indeed, and some great close-up shots of Brad's finger picking too. Awesome.

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