Deluxe Big Muff Demo

Electro-Harmonix posts a video by the man who runs a website dedicated to Big Muffs   05-Jun-14

A rambling tone demo by Kit Rae of the 2014 Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Pi. This one illustrates the many fuzz colors that can be created with the tone and mid range controls.

Kit Rae knows a thing or two about the Big Muff. In fact, he may have the largest collection of Big Muffs on the planet with a mega website dedicated to that iconic pedal.

Deluxe Big Muff Features

  • Delivers all the classic sounds of the original NYC Big Muff Pi, plus extra features
  • Foot-switchable MIDS Section helps you cut through when recording or playing live
  • MIDS section features four controls so you can fine tune your midrange boost or cut
  • Noise gate with adjustable Gate control eliminates noise and hum while preserving your attack and original tone
  • Adjustable Attack control adds punch to your single notes and chords
  • Switchable Bass Boost for added bottom when you want it
  • Expression Pedal input lets you sweep the mids in real time
  • True bypass for maximum signal path integrity
  • 9V Battery included

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