What's The Best Analog Delay Pedal Of All Time?

No further delays, please, let's have the answer   03-Jun-14

What's The Best Analog Delay Pedal Of All Time?

If you could have one analog delay pedal on your board, what would it be? We're looking for the most popular and most sought-after analog delay on the market, according to our readers.

Analog delay is one of those effects that divides opinion in a big way, the circuit's effect on your signal is so important, and while features and flexibility of the pedal play an important part, it's all about the warmth and character it adds to your tone.

Some analog delays can flavour your signal too much (there is such a thing) and muddy or darken your tone, causing it to get lost in a mix, particularly in a live environment.

So we want to know what pedal does the biz on your board, which analog delay do you count on to add something special to your signal?

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