Virtual Soprano For Your iPad

Omenie Limited releases Sopranotron   27-May-14

Virtual Soprano For Your iPad

Omenie Limited has released Sopranotron, which they describe as the first dedicated 'Virtual Soprano' instrument for iPad. A spokesperson told us, "Add soaring operatic soprano tones to your recordings, or take a pitch-perfect Virtual Soprano on stage with you!"

Here's Omenie's description of the app...

Here by popular demand is Omenie's M3000 HD 'English Soprano' library, provided as a standalone instrument. Caitlin Downie, gifted soprano and national treasure, has been painstakingly recorded and assembled into a huge vocal collection. 525 different samples, 15 different voices, with chromatic sampling over the M3000's 35-note range, and note stretching below and above the range to deliver 5 octaves in total.

3 distinct vowel vocalizations, 'soft' voices, 'forte' voices with huge projection and vibrato, staccato vowels and 3 different ensemble voices are provided. Two different playable instruments are available at the same time, one blended from a selection 3 of the 15 voices ('A/B/C'), the other a single voice ('D'). The 'D' voice may be assigned to programmable chord pads, or the two instruments may be played independently via class-compliant MIDI keyboards. 64 programmable 'Voicebanks' allow popular selections of voices to be saved and restored immediately for recording or performance.

Virtual MIDI on 2 separate channels and AudioBus support make Sopranotron a very flexible and powerful instument for adding vocal sparkle to recordings or live performances.

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