REVIEW: Blackstar Core ID 20 Amp

Programmable amp with ISF and USB audio   21-May-14

    MP4 18:24 mins    

Since Yamaha released their third amp concept in the THR series, which the guitarists amongst us here at Sonic Towers dearly loved (see our reviews), they've been pretty much the only game in town for the small, play-at-home system.

Blackstar has entered the fray with the new Core ID system. It's a similar concept, a wide range of tones with DSP on board and a full range audio playback and interface function, aiming it at the heart of your home setup.

Is a combo format with top panel controls, ISF EQ blend and digital effects which take advantage of their SUPER WIDE stereo processing. In practice this means it can sound truly massive and larger than life - something the THR also does.

Additionally the USB connection allows hookup to the editor, allowing pretty deep control of the various presets and voices, footswitch behaviour and much more. USB also allows you to use the ID Core to function as a USB audio recording interface, with dry and process signals available as inputs to your DAW of choice.

We'll let reviewer Rob Hicks take it from here - but his takeaway is that as a home practice setup, where volume and space constraints exist, it's hard to beat, and as he said - has he played it after work for the last two weeks? Yes.

Blackstar ID Core is available as ID Stereo 10, Stereo 20 and Stereo 40 models

Prices: ID 10 £89, ID 20 £119, ID 40 £159

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