New Acoustic Guitar Contact Mic

Schertler adds DYN-AG6 transducer to Magnetico pickup series   20-May-14

New Acoustic Guitar Contact Mic

Schertler has released its new DYN-AG6 transducer, a high-quality, active, dynamic contact microphone that has been exclusively developed for use with the Magnetico AG6 acoustic guitar pickup.

Schertler says that, featuring a frequency range of 40Hz-12kHz, excellent dynamics and fast transient response, the DYN-AG6 is designed to perfectly complement the Magnetico AG6 pickup sound from the guitar's soundhole. The transducer fits discreetly on the body of the instrument, with its volume level directly controllable via the EXT volume pot on the AG6.

A spokesperson told us, "Ideal for percussive playing styles, the DYN-AG6 sound can be easily blended with that of the Magnetico AG6 to produce just the right effect for a whole range of live performance and recording applications."

Schertler's Magnetico series was originally launched in 2013 and currently includes the Magnetico AG6 multi-coil technology guitar pickup, the S-MIC-M condenser contact microphone and the new DYN-AG6.

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