TMG Interview: Taylor Answers Questions Of Controversy From The Gear Page

TMG's silence is finally broken in a 45 minute interview   19-May-14

One thread on the Gear Page has taken on a life of its own in recent weeks, it started with one man complaining about his experience of TMG guitars, and turned into something so much more.

In the end, hundreds of people levelled questions and accusations at 'Taylor', the man behind TMG, which even included questions about his name.

Some questions were about things that could be considered little white lies, such as his nationality (claiming he is Australian, when he sounds British), and some questions accused the company of taking money as deposits and then failing to supply products.

Taylor answers the question of his nationality, and attempts to answer some of the more difficult questions from the Gear Page thread, but the interviewer seems to do most of the talking, almost answering many of the questions for him.

Some of the questions/issues are ignored, and many of the questions on the Gear Page thread were actually aimed at other members of the TMG team/family, rather than just Taylor himself, maybe those questions will go unanswered.

Anyway, watch the interview for yourself and be the judge.

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