Review: TC TonePrint Mini Pedals

Flashback, Shaker, Corona and Vortex   14-May-14

    MP4 10:38 mins    

Yesterdays's official release of the new selection of some new TC Electronic TonePrint Mini pedals meant we could let you know what we thought of them. They are essentially mini versions of their larger sibling TonePrints, designed to fit in with the small footprint of the other TC Mini range: Spark Mini Booster, Hall of Fame Reverb, Ditto Looper and PolyTune Mini  - see our reviews.

Resident pedal head Rob Hicks took a look at these latest pedals in one big chunk:

  • Flashback Mini Delay
  • Corona Mini Chorus
  • Shaker Mini Virbato
  • Vortex Mini Flanger

Basically they offer pretty much the same brains as their larger doppelgangers, including true bypass but without a few features. Mainly is the reduction of controls, these pedals are designed to be more of a single sound, set and forget type of deal.

There is no battery compartment, board power only, and as Rob says - they do draw a reasonable amount of current for such small pedals (100mA each).

Available in stores June 1st EU, June 30th US, prices all at £85/$99 except for the Flashback Mini £99/$119



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