More TC TonePrint Mini Pedals

TC Electronic announces smaller versions of their delay, vibrato, chorus and flanger pedals   13-May-14

More TC TonePrint Mini Pedals

TC Electronic has announced its new line of Mini Pedals, which they say take all that you know and love about TC effects and pour it into a footprint too good to be true. The line includes the Flashback Mini Delay, Shaker Mini Vibrato, Corona Mini Chorus and Vortex Mini Flanger, rounding out TC Electronic's entire range of TonePrint stompboxes in the mini pedal arena. Here's the details in TC's own words...

"Built around the same small enclosure which made pedals such as PolyTune Mini, Hall of Fame Mini Reverb, Spark Mini Booster and Ditto Looper instant smash hits, these new mini pedals are nothing less than a godsend for every pedalboard out there.

The new 3-knob UI gives you more possibilities for direct tone manipulation on the fly, but the real magic still lies in the amazing TonePrint technology.  With TonePrint, you can upload tones created by some of the most influential and creative artists out there.  TC Electronic has also sweetened the deal by giving you the option of creating your own signature sounds via the free TonePrint Editor.  So in essence, these tiny pedals contain endless potential that well exceeds their diminutive size.

Of course, the new mini pedals feature the same true-bypass, analog-dry-through design and pristine sound quality that you've come to expect from TC Electronic. With TonePrint at the core of these pedals, they are truly huge where it matters and tiny where it counts!

Pricing and Availability:
The new Mini Pedals are available in stores beginning June 1st in the EU, and in the end of June in the US for $99.99 suggested US retail/ 99€ EU SSP/ £85 UK SSP. The Flashback Mini Delay will be available for  $119.99 suggested US retail/ 119 € EU SSP / £99 UK SSP.

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