Fu Manchu Pickups

Railhammer introduces the Bob Balch Signature Pickups   12-May-14

Railhammer has introduced the Bob Balch Signature Pickups (Neck and Bridge), designed in collaboration with Bob Balch, riffmeister with stoner rock/fuzz metal progenitors Fu Manchu.

A spokesperson had this to say, "This humbucker is based on our Chisel model, but features a brass cover and brass baseplate. The brass slightly reduces output and treble, while enhancing the overall midrange. The result is a thick tone with excellent clarity that cuts through even with heavy fuzz. And like all Railhammers, they sound great clean too. Perfect for stoner rock, fuzz metal, post-Sabbath, or for any player looking for a unique combination of clarity and warm midrange. Chrome only, with laser etched signature."

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